Emma Willis Breaks Down Over Husband Matt's Rehab Struggle: 'You Stick Together'

Emma Willis will be seen coming over all tearful next week when she appears on a McBusted documentary with Fearne Cotton.

The Big Brother host's husband, band member Matt Willis, was in rehab back in 2005, before checking back in a year later for drug abuse.

She says now that she was never in any doubt that she'd stick by him. "He went to rehab when I'd known him for three months, so initially we hadn't known each other very long," she confided.

Matt and Emma Willis (WENN)

"I was in this whirlwind with him and you don't really think about it, then more time goes along and he went again.

"Firstly our relationship was quite serious [in the beginning], then we'd been together a couple of years and this isn't just a kid that needs a couple of weeks break. This is someone that does genuinely have a problem. It just takes time."

She added: "You have to ask yourself, I'm not going to leave him because he has a problem. You stick together and do it."

Emma Willis (WENN)

After wiping away tears and sharing a hug with her hubby, Emma continued: "He's very boring [now], but I'll tell you what, I'll take boring over the alternative.

"I'll take the tattoos and the motorbikes over all the other stuff."

McBusted - formed of McFly and Busted members Willis and James Bourne - had a huge reaction when they announced plans to reform for a giant arena tour.

Fearne And McBusted airs on ITV2 at 9pm next Wednesday, May 21.

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