EXCLUSIVE: Leah McFall Talks Radio Playlist Snubs & Hails Iggy Azalea

Leah McFall was hailed as The Voice UK's most exciting singer to date when she stormed to the final in the 2013 run, but as she gears up to release her big debut single, 'Home', airplay from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Capital FM has not been forthcoming.

After Lily Allen hit out at Radio 1's playlist team this week and Nicole Scherzinger's absence from their roster also hit headlines, we were curious to find out how Leah felt about having her own song snubbed.

EntertainmentWise had a chat with the lovely lady earlier today (July 25) and asked if the lack of radio attention has been disappointing, but she's showing absolutely no signs of bitterness; pointing to the hugely positive reception the song has had from other corners.

"It's still early days," she reasoned. "I couldn't be any more thrilled with the response... I'm not putting that kind of pressure on it.

Leah McFall (WENN)

"It would obviously be great to hear it on the radio but, you know, regional radio has been very supportive so I'm really, really chuffed with that."

Despite the larger radio stations failing to stick her on their playlists, music TV channels have been putting 'Home' on major rotation.

"They've been amazing," she gushed.

"Literally, they've been absolutely incredible. I follow The Box's chart show... They put it at No1 in their charts to look out for, and they're tweeting me like 'We just really believe in you, we think the track's amazing and we love the video'... they don't need to do stuff like that. It's so lovely that they choose to.

"I'm really blessed. I've had such a good response, I'm excited by what's next to come."

As for what Leah's listening to herself, she had kind words for two rising stars in particular. "I love Sam Smith. His voice is literally like a massive bar of chocolate, it's so good. And do you know what I really love? I love Iggy Azalea's tune, 'Fancy'. I. Love. That. Tune. It's so good."

Leah performs (WENN)

"I also listen to a lot of, like, dead people and Aretha Franklin, stuff like that!"

Iggy Azalea and the deceased. You can always count on Leah to be eclectic!

'Home' is out on July 27 and can be pre-ordered from iTunes now. You can catch more of our interview with the lovely Leah next week.

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