EXCLUSIVE Young Apprentice review: Harry Maxwell says Lord Alan Sugar right as David Odihambo fired, Maria Doran and Patrick McDowell in trouble

Harry Maxwell
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EXCLUSIVE Young Apprentice review: Harry Maxwell says Lord Alan Sugar right as Ashleigh Porter-Exley wins over Lucy Beauvallet
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Harry Maxwell at last week's Yahoo omg! Party with writers Ellie and Chris

@HarryMaxwell, BBC1's 2011 Young Apprentice, gives his top omg! moments and verdict on the latest series, exclusively for Yahoo! omg! UK.

Last week I criticised Young Apprentice for not being entertaining.

This week, if I was Tulisa, I wouldn't be banging the table as much (IN RAGE), as David Odihambo became the fifth candidate given the non-pork chop.

The task was entertaining, but mainly because all the candidates were a bit thick. As a huge Apprentice fan, I can safely say this would be the one series I could miss watching.

The Apprentice needs those "wow they are really good" moments, and that's what this series is missing!

But anyway, on with my top omg! moments…

1: "Hurry up you Lazy Boyz"

As some candidates huddle around an iPad awaiting Lord Sugar's instruction, it's up to Maria Doran to get everyone downstairs.

Maria shrieked "HURRY UP YOU LAZY BOYS" to chivvy everyone along and PRACTICALLY wagged her finger at one point too.

Ultimately, the task to create a kids club and pitch it to investors was announced. Thank God, or producers, for that.


The teams divide as Ashleigh Porter-Exley is appointed project manager of Platinum while Navdeep Bual leads team Odyssey.

Navdeep, who is still ridiculously nicknamed "Nav" by her team, is later seen inside a black car with Patrick McDowell en-route to market research.

SHOCK as Patrick touches Nav's leg, while saying (/ whimpering) "It will go well" in a potentially pervy way. Camera pans to Chrysler exterior, WHO KNOWS what was going on inside as the journey continued.


Navdeep's team pitch a sciencey "blow things up because that's what everyone loves" kids club, while Ashleigh Porter-Exley's SQUAD opts for putting paint on yourself and running around.

Oh, the creativity in this camp.

After Navdeep pitches better than Ashleigh, it's off to the boardroom as we hear Lady GaGa music in the background.

They really are going to need their poker faces. Not just because none of them are that good, but Steven Cole and Maria Doran were frowning what's called a "goblin face" in market research earlier. I'm not even joking.


As Ashleigh Porter-Exley's Team Platinum are "annihilated" receiving zero orders, she brings David Odihambo and Andrew Tindall into the battle of death.

Just before Lord Sugar fires David for being a failed Obama tribute act, he ALMOST burts into a bit of Beverley Knight saying "Shoulda Woulda Coulda".

Now THAT would be entertainment (if Nick Hewer and Karren Brady were backing dancers).


It's hard not to criticize who gets fired when they're all as bad of each other. But last week I said David Odihambo and Andrew Tindall would be in danger, and they were.

Andrew Tindall needs to step things up, I can never remember what he does and had to look up his name when writing this.

Steven Cole remains my favourite because he seems like a top lad, and you get the sense Lord Sugar likes him, but we need to see more of him selling/ coming up with ideas to warrant winning.

Patrick McDowell is in a similar situation, but is less likeable than Steven.

Lucy Beauvallet is the clear favourite to win. She has previously led well, has minimal ideas (but still more than the others), and you get the vibe she can pitch as she's so well spoken. But she needs to prove her sales ability in upcoming tasks.

I am on the fence with Navdeep Bual, Maria Doran and Ashleigh Porter Exley. Navdeep pitches well, but that's about it. Ashleigh is good at maths, but that's about it. I love Maria because she is so feisty, but the edit hasn't shown any real business acumen as yet.

That's all for this week! Join the conversation on Twitter @HarryMaxwell and comment below/ check out my Apprentice highlights on YouTube!

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