Funniest celebrity wardrobe malfunctions: Jessie J, Katy Perry & Maria Fowler

Samantha Robinson
Funniest celebrity wardrobe malfunctions: Jessie J, Katy Perry & Maria Fowler
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Maria Fowler's Bum

There's nothing worse than getting all dolled up for an event only to suffer an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction halfway through the night. So, imagine how our favourite celebs must blush, with their every move being captured on film and then constantly scrutinised by the public. At least we can forget that time when our trousers split - they obviously couldn't! We're going to take a look at five of the worst celeb wardrobe malfunctions this year, so, get ready to cringe!

1. Maria Fowler
We have to award Maria Fowler with the most embarrassing costume hiccup, as there was no concealing her bum after her dress split right up its back seam. Plus, to make it all that more cringe, she was also in London's swanky Nobu club in Mayfair, where the hungry paparazzi always wait to catch drunken celebs falling out. Unlike most, Maria didn't let the hitch stop her from having a good time, and so, continued to party with her bum on show for the rest of the night. She's braver than us! Although maybe braver isn't the word we're looking for.

2. Madonna
We'll all know that there's nothing that Madonna won't do for a bit of publicity, and recently this included slipping out her nip whilst on stage in Turkey. Obviously, this wasn't an accidental wardrobe malfunction, but when a mother of her age whacks out a bap, well, we're sorry but this is totally more cringe worthy than an accident. We only hope that poor Lourdes wasn't in the audience.

3. Jessie J
She's known for her quirky edgy style, but we're guessing that even Jessi when looking back would have been shocked by how daring the ripped pair of faded denim jeans which she wore whilst performing at this year's Isle of White festival were. The rips went so high that when she danced they exposed her knickers. We bet those in the front row got quite the eye full!

4. Katy Perry
Apparently, Katy seems to suffer a wardrobe malfunction every night whilst on tour, as her wigs get caught around her rotating bra. She laughed about it to the Sun and claimed that: 'it looked like I was licking my own t***.' Her insurers on the other hand aren't finding it quite so amusing and asked her to stop wearing the health hazard as it could cause serious damage to her neck.

5. Lindsey Lohan
Although she may be playing the ever glamorous Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming film, that doesn't mean that Lindsey isn't susceptible to the odd costume glitch. Recently, whilst filming an intense fight scene upon the set of the film with her fellow Richard Burton, she accidentally popped out of her top. We're sure that Lindsey won't be too embarrassed by this as we all know that she's been papped looking much worse over the years.

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