Geordie Shore Stars Slam The Only Way Is Essex As 'B**locks'

Geordie Shore Stars Slam The Only Way Is Essex As 'B**locks'
Geordie Shore Stars Slam The Only Way Is Essex As 'B**locks'

There's nothing quite like a good old fashioned reality TV feud, and this one promises to be a corker, as Geordie Shore's Charlotte-Letitia Crosby and Rebecca Walker have layed into their Essex rivals' show, calling TOWIE's Marbella special "absolute b******s".

The girls do have a slightly ulterior motive, as they are promoting their own MTV show Chaos in Cancun. They said that the ITV2 show was dull and boring and that its stars were too prim and proper.

Now that's not something that's often been said of the TOWIE gang, but the girls think that they are too concerned with their appearance and need to let their hair down a bit more.

Walker told Digital Spy in an interview: "Did you see the Marbella special? I would rather watch In the Night Garden. It was absolute b******s,"

Crosby was just as damning, saying: "It was c**p."

Walker taunted the Essex mob by saying that viewers much preferred their show: "When TOWIE is on, how many tweets do we get saying, 'We can't wait for Geordie Shore to be back on' and 'This is boring'? The girls in TOWIE are prim and proper all the time. [People] feel more comfortable watching us."

Over to you Essex...

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