Geordie Shore's James Left Wheelchair Bound After Wrestling Injury

Geordie Shore's James Left Wheelchair Bound After Wrestling Injury

It seems Geordie Shore lad, James Tindale and his comb-over aren’t having much luck in Cancun and his luck has taken a turn for the worse as he dislocated his knee and tore a ligament whilst Mexican wrestling.

After weeks of non-stop partying and drinking, the Newcastle lads decided it was time to try their hands at some local traditions, by stepping in the ring with some Mexican wrestling.

The boys didn’t seem to be taking the sport very seriously, highly amused by their wrestling trainer’s ‘gimp-like’ outfit.

Ironically, class clown, James mocked him for taking his sport too seriously, saying: “This bloke takes things so f***ing seriously. Wrestling is his life. He’s got this stupid f***ing gimp mask on, right.”

Just moments later it seemed James should have followed his instructor’s advice as he collapsed in agony during the playful match.

Gary looked on horrified, saying: “This is literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen in terms of injury, like his knee is the other side of his f***ing leg. I can’t look.”

The medic came to James’ aid as he lay on the floor in pain, before an ambulance was called to take him to the medical centre where the true extent of his injuries was revealed.

After tearing ligaments in his leg and dislocating his knee, James will be going nowhere fast and he will be restricted to two wheels for the remainder of the series.

The power of the comb-over has already been slacking, after James’ catch last week managed to pass out in the taxi on the way home, but perhaps his two-wheeler will help him pull some ‘worldies’, or it could push him back into the arms of Holly.

With James hobbling on crutches, Holly stayed by his side in an attempt to nurse him back to health, but her ulterior motive was clear to Jay, who claimed: “He can’t move so this is her perfect chance.”

Meanwhile, bad boy and all-round rubbish boyfriend, Joel surprised Sophie to the horror of just about everyone else in the house.

Just a couple of hours into his visit and Joel’s forgetting he’s got a girlfriend yet again, with Jay saying: “He’s 60 per cent in a relationship, 40 per cent not.”

While Gary and Charlotte were never officially together, the pair decided it’s over, with Gary stating: “I love Charlotte to bits as a friends, I spent a lot of time with her, I care about her. But I don’t love her as in I want to be with her, I want to marry her.”

Charlotte even admitted: “I know deep down he’s going to be hurt. I’m a little bit gutted because I didn’t think it would ever finish.”

All is going well for Charlotte as she sticks to her guns and avoids Gary’s parsnip until too many tequila slammers means her pent-up frustration is let loose on an unsuspecting Gary and the house.

The ditzy 21-year-old was left saying: “I’m not gonna deny it anymore, I still like him, when is this going to end?”

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