Geordie Shore's Ricci Goes Ring Shopping


It's the first big commitment of Geordie Shore as Italian stallion Ricci Guarnaccio goes ring shopping with a very uncomfortable Gary to pick a flashy diamond for his beloved, Vicky Pattison.

The fiery couple went out with a bang in last week’s episode as Vicky ended up slapping devoted boyfriend Ricci in the face after an angry spat.

Yet, after just four months together Ricci seems certain Vicky is 'The One' and wants to commit to the long haul.

Ricci’s plans were met with varying views in the house but Jay, who has long-forgotten history with Vicky, was particularly supportive, saying: “Ricci is going to propose to Vicky, is he insane?”

Despite reservations in the house, Ricci couldn’t be surer of his commitment, claiming: “I’ve never been more sure that I want to spend the rest of my life with Vicky.”

However his unknowing wife-to-be Vicky was a little less sure after their blazing row and she claimed: “I still love what I was before I was with him.”

Whilst enjoying a romantic dinner later, Ricci remained oblivious to his girlfriend’s creeping doubts, saying: “I’m glad that we’ve cleared the air and I’ve got no doubt in my mind that I can’t wait to propose to her tomorrow.”

Charlotte’s plan to drink away her sorrows and “forget about the rejection” works, as she spends the morning cleaning up buckets of sick and urine-soaked cardboard boxes.

But this prompts Gary to make a huge revelation, saying: “I thought by coming out here and not sleeping with Charlotte, we could be friends but it turns out we can’t.”

The oddly matched pair are avoiding sleeping together but are still bickering like an old married couple, yet they are adamant in avoiding a relationship with Charlotte saying: “Me and Gary being a couple is just kind of awkward.”

Third wheel Rebecca also admitted: “Charlotte and Gary are like a rubix cube, no matter how hard you try and get those colours to match, it’s not gonna match.”

After moping around for most of his time in Cancun, loved up Jay was finally reunited with his girlfriend Chloe and he was left saying: “I’m going to leave Geordie Shore for good.”

Jay wasn’t the only Geordie to leave the party, Vicky collected her belongings and said: “I need to leave Cancun, it’s time to go back to Newcastle.”

With Jay confiding in Chloe that he will leave the house and show for good, and Vicky and Ricci packing up their belongings, the remaining Geordies are going to have to party twice as hard.

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