Global Warming album: Pitbull remains sleazy and charmless

Jon OBrien
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Global Warming album: Pitbull remains sleazy and charmless
Pitbull's Global Warming album cover

A depressingly ubiquitous presence on the charts ever since 2009's 'I Know You Want Me,' Cuban-American egomaniac Pitbull has somehow become one of the world's most dependable hit-makers despite a lack of any obvious talent and a resemblance to a Latino Phil Mitchell.

Sticking resolutely to his well-worn formula of heavily AutoTuned hip-pop, star-studded guest appearances and boastful claims about his sexual prowess, his seventh studio album, 'Global Warming,' somehow manages to be even more charmless than his previous six.

Indeed, the fact that even its best song, the twanging '50s rock n roll-inspired 'Back In Time,' wasn't considered worthy of appearing on the 'Men In Black III' soundtrack it was originally recorded for, tells you everything you need to know about the standard of its 12 relentlessly generic party tracks.

But the most puzzling thing about the follow-up to 'Planet Pit' is how he's managed to assemble such a stellar line-up of featured vocalists. Having already scored a number one with their 2011 collaboration, 'On The Floor,' you can perhaps understand why Jennifer Lopez would hope to strike gold for a second time, something which the half-hearted tribute to women, 'Drinks For You (Ladies Anthem),' miserably fails to do.

But do Usher, Christina Aguilera and The Wanted really need to cheapen themselves by appearing on such dross? The latter do themselves few favours on the twitchy Balkan electro of 'Have Some Fun' which also lazily borrows the vocal hook from Sheryl Crow's 'All I Wanna Do,' likewise The Voice USA mentor on the trashy Cascada-esque A-Ha-sampling 'Feel This Moment.' Whilst the R&B lothario's contribution, 'Party Ain't Over,' so formulaic that it's virtually interchangeable with Chris Brown's 'Here We Meet Again,' actually contains the lines "I ain't greedy, sharin' is carin'/ Especially when it's with Sharon and Karen."

Elsewhere, the opening title track proves just how uninspired he is by borrowing the backing track from Los Del Rio's summer anthem, 'Macarena.' 'I'm Off That' is the kind of brainless synth-pop that makes even LMFAO look sophisticated, whilst if anyone else uttered the potty-mouthed chat-up lines on the Enrique Iglesias-featuring 'Tchu Tchu Tcha,' then they'd probably receive a slap.

A late contender for worst album of the year, 'Global Warming' is a typically sleazy and soulless affair which even Mr. Worldwide himself is probably secretly ashamed of.

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