'Grandma' Caroline Flack Slammed By Hate Filled One Direction Mag As An 'Old Wrinkled Goat'


While the world might love One Direction, their girlfriend's get quite the opposite, but even we were surprised when a US magazine Girls Guide To One Direction published a scathing attack on Caroline Flack the Xtra Factor presenter, labelling her “the old woman who dated Harry Styles.”

The 32 year-old embarked on a much publicised affair with the then 17 year-old last autumn and since their rise to global mega-stardom the most famous cougar in the world has become a target of hate from the crazed teenage fans who adore the boys.

According to the magazine the 'hate page' is dedicated to telling Caroline to “go away” via a “voodoo doodle”.

'Grandma' Caroline Flack Slammed By Hate Filled One Direction Mag As An 'Old Wrinkled Goat'

Girls Guide To One Direction, Caroline Flack 'hate page', Aug 15 (Twitter)

Pointing out her flaws, via hateful putdowns the magazine attacks everything from her hair - “Grandma Caroline's dirty-blonde makes her straw like 'do look like the ground at a petting zoo,” to her eye wrinkles, “by the looks of it, these crows' feet are ready to grow wings.”

Putting down her general appearance, they added: “Caroline was born in 1979, which in China is know as the year of the goat. Big surprise – she looks like one!”

It isn't just her looks that the 1D fans have a problem with, it is also the huge age gap between the former couple.

Pointing out her single status, “Note: Zero engagement ring. Because no one wants to be with her,” but also the 15 year age gap between her and Harry.

Writing: “Date boys your age, not your shoe size.” When the couple got together there was a huge media outcry regarding the romance, with fans and fellow celebs disgusted with her decision to date someone so much younger.

Blaming her for the backlash, the magazine writes: “Despite having an outer his that looks like leather. Caroline is thin-skinned and sensitive to criticism. After dating Harry, Caroline whined: “I can't believe how much attention was on me.”

“Uum know what would draw less attention? DATING GUYS WHO AREN'T HALF YOUR AGE DUH!!”

We think this is pretty harsh on the British presenter, who hasn't been officially with Harry for months. As a magazine targeted at young girls, is this really the kind of attitude that society should encourage?

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