Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe Sent 'Creepy' Gifts

Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe Sent 'Creepy' Gifts
Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe Sent 'Creepy' Gifts

Having played such an iconic character for ten years, we can understand why fans of Harry Potter feel they have a connection to Daniel Radcliffe.

But we're not sure why they have to send the actor "creepy" gifts like scrapbooks full of photos of himself and Freddy Krueger masks.

Talking to the Mirror about the array of 'gifts' he receives from his fans, Daniel revealed: "I also got sent a photograph of a milk bottle and a door. It was my house!

“There were two people in front of it. There was only a door between us. That was very strange. I was sent a giant ear once. I mentioned it in Japan and the whole press conference collapsed."

He added: “Apparently, there is a comedian and his thing is a giant ear. They loved that I’d been sent it.”


The original boy wizard...

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