Harry Styles Named Least Engaging Celebrity Tweeter!

Harry Styles may amuse his 16.5million Twitter followers with his often bizarre and always hilarious posts but according to a new study, the One Direction hottie is actually the least engaging celebrity tweeter!

A survey from Fickle has shown that Harry only replies to one tweet per 333,333 sent to him, while Peter Jones (of Dragons Den fame) replies to one per every 141.

To be fair it would take Harry all day every day to reply to the thousands of tweets he gets every day whilst we're betting Peter's 818,000 followers are a lot easier to manage.

Other celebs named and shamed in the least engaging list include Miley Cyrus who only replies to one tweet per 188,500 sent to her, Justin Bieber with one per 166,666 and Hazza's ex Taylor Swift with one per 28,333.

Harry's bandmates Niall Horan and Liam Payne also make the list, whilst the most engaging include fashionista Alexa Chung who replies to a pretty impressive one per 333 tweets and self-confessed Twitter addict Phillip Schofield with one per 833.

Naughty Harry Styles doesn't reply to his millions of Twitter fans! (WENN)

Meanwhile whilst he might not reply all that often, Harry has been keeping us enterained with a Britney Spears tweet this week, as the singer admitted he was gutted to miss out on the pop star's dramatic Las Vegas announcement.

'Work B***h' songstress Britney transported more than 1,000 fans to the middle of a desert this week to announce that she will kick off a two-year residency at Vegas' Planet Hollywood in December and aired the special news on Good Morning America for the rest of her millions of fans around the world.

Joining the unfortunate legion of fans was none other than Harry Styles whose misery was only made worse by a friend of the One Direction star who sent him a type of “wish you were here” message to gloat. Sharing the text with fans, Harry tweeted: “Text from friend.. I just left 1,300 people dressed as Brittany Spears in the desert. What are you doing?” along with an image of the Britney clones.

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Harry Styles Named Least Engaging Celebrity Tweeter!