Hugh Laurie To Fight Robocop In New Film Role?

Hugh Laurie To Fight Robocop In New Film Role?

Hugh Laurie looks set to be cast as the villain in a remake of 'Robocop', with the actor entering talks to star alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman in the much anticipated return of the sci-fi thriller.

In the original version Peter Weller starred as officer Alex Murphy, a veteran police officer who was set to be pronounced dead but was turned into a cyborg policing machine who aimed to single handedly wipe out Detroit's crime in the near future. The Killing's Joe Kinnaman has reportedly been offered the lead role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Laurie is into discussions to appear as the CEO of Omni Consumer Products, which in the original movie was an evil corporation looking to remake Detroit into their own vision of the future.

The 1987 movie became a cult classic, and its popularity has inevitably led Hollywood to return to a winning formula, as has previously happened with fellow 80s favourites 'Tron' and 'The Karate Kid'.

Hollywood has a habit of casting well spoken Brits as villains in its blockbusters, with Alan Rickman spending large parts of his career playing un-American bogeymen, whilst Oldman himself hammed it up as a sci-fi villain in 'The Fith Element'.

If Laurie agrees to sign up to the new movie, this tradition could continue, however as he showed when playing the misanthropic Dr House, Laurie could just as easily turn on an American accent.

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