'Hunger Games' Star Admits 'Top Secret' Relationship With Kim Kardashian?

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Kim Kardashian may be happily coupled-up with rapper boyfriend Kanye West, but that doesn't mean 'Hunger Games' star Josh Hutcherson can't have a little dream about the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star once in a while...

Josh Hutcherson, who shot to fame alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth in blockbuster hit 'The Hunger Games', explained to MTV News that he has his "reasons" for stalking Kim Kardashian's Twitter profile...

And he refuses pointblank to share them with the press:

"I follow Kim Kardashian... I have my reasons. They are top-secret. I can't divulge my secrets."

Oh Josh, you big ol' spoilsport!

The actor, who stars as Peeta Mellark in the 'Hunger Games' film, also revealed a few of his big first times during the interview - and it seems as if, when it comes to his co-stars, Josh isn't quite as guarded about his feelings as he is about Kimmy K:

"I had a lot of firsts this year. I went to Paris, London and Berlin for the first time, so I got to see a lot of new places... I had a blast. The press tour was so fun with me and Liam [Hemsworth] and Jen [Lawrence] and [director] Gary [Marshall] flying all over the world together."

"Being with Liam and Jen was great because we were experiencing something brand-new to all of us. I think Liam had the most experience dealing with [a lot of press], just because of him and [his engagement to] Miley [Cyrus], but having really good people experiencing it with you made it a lot easier."

We love that the 'Hunger Games' trio are friends off-screen; after all, during the story of the film, they play three points of a bittersweet love triangle, so it would be quite awkward if that spilled out into real life!

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