I'm A Celebrity: Helen Flanagan Is Not Having A Very Relaxing Time At The Camp So Far This Week


It’s safe to say Helen Flanagan hasn’t exactly had the best week on I’m A Celebrity, and as much as we are sure she would like a well-deserved break, it is back to the Bushtucker Trial for more lovely treats and surprises.

Along with Nadine, Helen has been buried alive in claustrophobic coffins, swamped in cockroaches and both had the disappointment of going back to their team without a meal for the night. After facing such a horrific task, Helen and Nadine had less than 24 hours until today’s trial.

This was one to avoid watching whilst eating a family meal – with tasks so horrific we were left feeling really quite sick…and we were only watching it!

Ordinarily, a five-course meal is expected to be full of gourmet specialities and creations, this one had many delicacies but not something you would order off of a menu. Helen and Nadine sat opposite each other, after leaving their encouraging camp mates. The first course arrived – a huge spider which took up most of the plate. Helen passed this course, whereas Nadine went for it saying it “tastes just like chicken”…really?

Then came course number two; camel-toe. Again, Helen passed this course, although, she did give it a go before spitting it out of her mouth. Nadine, on the other hand, rose to the task and chewed aggressively before swallowing the jelly-like meat. That one did not taste like chicken, supposedly.

Next came a disgustingly fermented egg, that was black where it was so old and smelly. Helen managed to swipe this one by stuffing the egg into her mouth and covering it with her hand to resist the temptation to spit it out. Nadine did not succeed in this task – which was rather surprising considering what sort of body parts she managed to swallow next.

Helen was starting to “feel quite brave now”, and both contestants were able to eat both Ostrich anus and Lamb’s testicles for the last two courses. Despite stepping up in today’s trial, Helen still lost to Nadine. This meant rations for Helen’s team and a proper dinner for team Nadine.

Even after suffering through that horrific trial, Helen has now been voted to be the only one to participate in the next trial. Maybe one day she will be able to catch a break, doesn’t look like it is going to be very soon though, does it?

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