INTERVIEW: EntertainmentWise Chats To Stylist Nikita About Styling On The X Factor, Nicole Scherzinger And Designing For SCD's Tess Daly

Having designed for the likes of Little Mix and Amelia Lily on The X Factor, EntertainmentWise sat down with Nikita Karizma to talk about what goes on behind the scenes at X Factor, who she would love to style and why she thinks Nicole Scherzinger will beat Sharon Osbourne in the style stakes this year and designing a very unique outfit that Strictly Come Dancing's Tess Daly wore...

EntertainmentWise: How do you get your ideas for designing for celebrities?

Nikita Karizma: With celebrities, they're usually quite elaborate designs, so the decision is made by designers, the artist, their management, as well as myself. Normally the idea comes back and forth, so they might take an idea from my collection and adapt the colours to the artist. Sometimes, in the fitting, they'll have an idea, and I work with them to get the final outfit done.

EW: Have you ever had your designs brushed off by a celebrity?

NK: No, not really, because normally they've chosen my design that they like. They're usually the one that's driven it, and it's in their head what will work.

EntertainmentWise caught up with Nikita (PR)

EW: You designed a dress for Tess Daly with the Dylon Colour Catcher. How did that come about?

NK: Dylon Colour Catcher commissioned me to create an exciting dress for Tess, and they wanted it to be made out of the Colour Catchers. It was amazing to see the designers work on it, I got to be creative and develop a very basic technique, using the Colour Catchers where I turned them into buckles and ruffles, so created quite an unusual gown for Tess to wear.

EW: What did she think of it?

NK: I didn't get to meet her, because I was away during the shoot, but I heard that she really loved wearing it, so I'm very pleased.


Tess Daly wearing the Dyson Colour Catchers dress made by Nikita (PR)

EW: You've also styled on The X Factor. Who would be your dream person to style on the show, in terms of the judges?

NK: Nicole Scherzinger 100%. She's one of my favourite celebrities, so that would be a dream come true. She's very elegant, but also very fashionable, a little bit edgy. She carries herself really well, and really confidently. She stands up for girl power, so definitely would love to work with Nicole.

EW: What do you make of Nicole's style on the show?

NK: She's shown a different side of her styling on the show. Her stylist is Laury Smith, who I worked with on The X Factor, so, having worked with her, I know how amazing a stylist she is. She really reflects on the personalities of the contestants. I've been following Nicole's style, and she has had a lot of looks. Sometimes she dresses a little bit fashionable but corporate, sometimes she's very girly, sometimes she dresses in long statement gowns, and then other times she dresses more chilled out and laidback, but always very classy.

EW: Do you think she'll win the whole style competition when X Factor gets to live shows?

NK: She's the youngest lady this year, so it's hard to compare between Sharon Osbourne and her, as they both have different styles. She'll definitely be the one that creates a lot of headlines.

EW: Who has been the worst person on The X Factor to style?

NK: I've only worked with Little Mix and Amelia on The X Factor, and they were both brilliant to work with, so I can't really say anything negative about anyone there.

EW: Can you reveal any fashion faux pas on the show, maybe the public weren't privy to?

NK: I remember when I was working on the show that, with styling there's normally an option for contestants to wear, and I think Amelia decided in the last hour to wear my dress, so we did the fitting of the dress on her moments before she walked on to the stage. It was so last minute that I was watching the show from her dressing room. I haven't seen fashion disasters on the show, because the wardrobes really are amazing at what they do. They are the best fashion production in the UK for television. I can't actually fault them.

Nikita thinks Nicole's style will 'make headlines' (WENN)

EW: Have there been any diva moments on the show, when it comes to style?

NK: Not when I was there, no. I remember when I was there that contestants were quite nervous because it was live, and they were quite young, and they were all singing. I remember them being really focused on their vocal chords, practising a lot backstage, and everything was going on around them, whilst they were just focusing on their vocals.

EW: Which celeb would you like to wear your clothes?

NK: I would really like to dress Gwen Stefani and Rita Ora.

EW: What advice would you give to Miley Cyrus or Rihanna who are known for baring the flesh?

NK: Sometimes wardrobe malfunctions just happen, but there's so many things you can do. It's quite easy to get hold of some double-sided tit tape, and it's quite easy for a girl to fall out. Sometimes, it just happens and there's nothing you can do; especially on a live show.

EW: What celebrity do you think has the worst fashion sense?

NK: I really believe with fashion, it's not about following the trends. It's more about creating your own style, so I admire celebrities that do that the most. That's the way they take fashion forward, and sometimes they do make mistakes, but it's only because they're trying something new, and I can't really fault them for doing that.

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