Jordan Belfort: 'I Picked Leo' For Wolf of Wall Street

The real-life “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort is speaking out to let the movie’s fans know that it was him, and not director Martin Scorsese, that chose Leonardo DiCaprio to play him in the blockbuster film. However, the former stockbroker and convicted felon did give Martin a little credit for casting Leo in the role. 

“I picked Leo because I thought he was amazing,” Jordan told Page Six. “After that, it was up to Marty.”

Although Leonardo managed to capture Jordan’s lifestyle and personality perfectly in the film, there’s one thing he was not willing to do for the role: drugs.

The real Jordan Belfort said he was the person that cast Leonardo DiCaprio in the film. (WENN)

“That’s not the Leo that I know,” Jordan said. “The Leo I know I don’t think has ever done a drug in his life, to tell you the truth!”

Jordan gave his first interview since the movie's release to Piers Morgan.

"For me, it's important that the movie is viewed the right way, certainly as a cautionary tale," he said.

The film was the fifth collaboration between Leo and Martin. Both received recently received an additional Oscar nod for the film for their work as producers, bringing both men up to two nominations.

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