Justin Bieber's Mum Talks Suicide Attempt, The Bad Boy's Tattoos And Becoming A Grandma


Justin Bieber's mum Pattie Mallette has revealed she once attempted to commit suicide while responding to a fan Q&A on Twitter yesterday. The 37 year-old, who previously revealed her past struggles in her 2012 autobiography Nowhere But Up, claimed God eventually saved her in the tweet to a fan.

Pattie has always been open about her faith and when replying to a fan who asked when the exact moment was she turned to god, she said: "When I was in the hospital for trying to commit suicide God showed up in a huge way! I write about it in #NoWhereButUp. RT @Just_in3194: @pattiemallette I know you've gone through a lot of hardship and have been so strong. When was the exact moment god touched you? #askpattie"

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Justin Bieber and his mother Pattie Mallette at the American Music Awards in 2011 (WENN)

She also spoke about the hardship about bringing up Justin as a single teenage mother, admitting it hadn't always been easy.

"Yes it was VERY hard," she claimed, "But I reached out for help, prayed a lot, read parenting books & did my very best to be the best mom I could be. RT @TainaGarcia10: #askpattie how hard was it to raise justin at such a young age? @pattiemallette"

Mallette clearly didn't do a bad job as now the 19 year-old is one of the most successful star on the planet. But that doesn't mean Pattie is ready to let him grow up too much, claiming she's not the biggest fan of his extensive tattoo collection.

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Pattie's not too keen on having grandchildren just yet (Judy Eddy/WENN)

She said: “I wish he didn’t have tattoos,” though added, “but I do like them. I’m torn. Weird right?”

But what about grandchildren? She claimed while she wants Biebs to start a family, she's hoping it's not for a few years yet.

“Ahhh omg could u imagine me a Grandma already!? Hopefully that’s a long way in the future!” the proud mum wrote.

With Bieber a millionaire before he hits 20, it's not that surprising that his first word was actually "money" not "mummy" according to Pattie.

“Money! Hahahaha! Instead of Mommy he said Money & Daddy!” when asked what Bieber's first word was."

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