Justin Bieber To Michael Jackson On Oprah's Next Chapter


Oprah Winfrey believes there has never been a star like Justin Bieber, even comparing him to the likes of Elvis, the Beatles and even Michael Jackson.

Posting a clip from her upcoming interview with Bieber on Twitter, the Oprah's Next Chapter host, gave a sneak peek into their discussion about his rise to fame and compared his fans to those of legendary musicians.

After referring to the similarities between their interview and her chat with the King Of Pop in 1993 she said: "Justin Bieber is a phenomenon for our time and just like Elvis Presley; just like the Beatles and also like Michael Jackson he has millions of screaming fans all over the world. He's adored by them."

The footage then showed a teaser of Oprah and Justin sat together, with her directing gushing over him: "There's never been a star like you. Do you realise that?" to which the 18-year-old singer responded: "What do you mean by that?"

Oprah went on to explain how Justin is a "product" of social media websites like Twitter, which helped boost his international success.

She continued: "Obviously lots of people compare your audiences to Michael Jackson's audiences - the screaming fans and your audience's to the Beatles fans.

"I mean when I saw the crowd last night it reminded me of myself and Paul McCartney, you know?

"But even those tremendous legends who really changed the face of music for our culture did not have a start-up like yours because you are a product of, to a great extent, social media. So therefore there's never been a star like you."

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