Justin Bieber Mocks Prince William's Bald Spot From Across The Pond


Justin Bieber, drunk with power, has decided to attack the British monarchy in a series of offensive comments about Prince William's bald spot.

Fine. So there was ONE comment about Prince William's thinning hair. And it was more of a confused observation than an attack. But we're pretty sure HRH isn't going to be all that happy about it...

Justin Bieber is famed for three important things: his army of Beliebers, his smokin' hot girlfriend Selena Gomez and his fine head o' hair.

Oh. And he sings too.

We're presuming that Justin felt, with his own golden tresses, he had the divine right to preach about male pattern baldness. Or perhaps he forgot that, while he is just 18, Prince William is a 30 year old by-product of Royal breeding.

Whatever the reason, the Biebz announced to Rolla Coaster magazine that he just couldn't understand why Kate Middleton's hubby didn't do something about his bald spot:

"I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?"

Why does Justin even KNOW about Propecia? Is his awesomely silky hair not quite as natural as it seems?

Prince William has, as always, remained cool and composed about the insulting comments. He maintained a stiff British upper-lip, stepped out with his smokin' hot wife and chose to ignore Justin Bieber's less than helpful remarks.

We think it'd be royally good fun if Prince William challenged Justin to a Twitter war.

Prince William's Losing A Bald Battle

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