Justin Bieber Posted Selena Gomez Loved-Up Photo To Get Revenge? Body Language Expert Insists Star Is 'Looking For Attention'

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Justin Bieber shocked us all on Friday when he pretty much confirmed that he and former Disney GF Selena Gomez had managed to rekindle their relationship, posting a photo of them both looking loved-up in front of his computer. However, body expert Judi James isn't convinced that the love shown in this new pic is the real deal, insisting that Biebs may have posted it to get revenge.

Selena and Justin decided to call it a day back in December and have since been surrounded by reunion rumours, as Biebs' behaviour continued to spiral downhill. However, with Selena recently joking that she made her ex beau cry during a TV interview, could Justin have some kind of revenge plot up his sleeve? Body language expert Judi James certainly thinks so.

Speaking of the loved-up photo, posted by the singer on Instagram on Friday night, Judi told us: "If this photo is recent, it clearly shows the couple in a massively intimate pose, although I do have to wonder how it was snapped. Does Bieber have his own in-house paparazzi on hand for moments when Selena's lust gets the better of her or does he film himself full-time at his PC?"

Justin Bieber Posted Selena Gomez Loved-Up Photo To Get Revenge? Body Language Expert Insists Star Is 'Looking For Attention'

Justin posted this snap of himself and Selena on Friday night: but is their rekindled romance the real deal? (Photo: Instagram: justinbieber)

She continued, "If this had been posted by Selena it would be the absolute confirmation that the pair were back on track again but it was Justin's shout and it's him looking rather idealised in this pose, as in 'not only did I get the girl back but I also got her to vie for my attention and my affection while I studiedly ignored her'," she said of Selena's 'behind Justin' pose.

"If they are an item again this shot could be a form of tiny revenge for Bieber, whose recent behaviour has suggested he felt his ego had taken a pulping when they split. By posing in a way that shows him 'ignoring' Selena while she sits in a far more submissive and surrendered style behind him he has re-booted his man points as well as showing they are an item again."

Justin Bieber Posted Selena Gomez Loved-Up Photo To Get Revenge? Body Language Expert Insists Star Is 'Looking For Attention'

Selena wore this sexy, leather-clad outfit to the Radio Disney Music Awards last night (Photo: Splash News)

Judi also referred back to Selena's recent 'bra' shots, after the actress was snapped showing off her lacy under garmants recently: "The bra suggests defiance and rebellion against the squeaky clean teen thing, which is possibly similar to the objective of Justin's topless poses but Selena has teamed it with some androgynous dungarees and a wooly hand-knit scarf that she's using to hide inside."

Adding, "Her dipped head and closed-mouth smile are acted coyness, which usually signals 'I have a secret' to the waiting press."

And following the Wizards of Waverley place star's red carpet leather-clad appearance, Judi takes a rather different approach to above, thinking that she's trying to show her ex popstar boyfriend just what he's missing: "Her black leather and red lipstick look is even more enigmatic. Both are usually symbolic of sexuality, but very dominant sexuality and a desire to control."

What do you think? Have 'Jelena' managed to rekindle their romance?

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