Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' Sequel Gets $15 Million Go Ahead


Justin Bieber's fans definitely loved his first 3D concert movie 'Never Say Never' and reports now suggest that Biebs' second movie has been given a whopping £15 million budget to film the follow up movie that's set to follow him on his current worldwide tour.

The 19 year old heartthrob's first film was the highest grossing music film of all time, raking in a massive £65 million and now Biebs is looking to continue this success by releasing another movie.

And although the 'Baby' superstar's London leg of his 'Believe' tour may have had a fair few disastrous moments, with the singer collapsing on stage, being two hours late for his opening night and even lashing out at a photographer, the star is set to include some of the footage to feature in the film that's set to be released in Winter.

Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' Sequel Gets $15 Million Go Ahead

Biebs released Never Say Never back in 2011 (Photo: WENN)

An insider told the Daily Star: “Justin will be bringing out a new film in time for Christmas."

Adding, “His ex Selena Gomez will not feature but he is using some footage from the disastrous London leg of his tour."

“Justin filmed his own video to express his feelings about what happened. He also plans to have famous friends like The Wanted, Miley Cyprus and rapper Lil Twist appear in the flick.”

Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' Sequel Gets $15 Million Go Ahead

Justin's current 'Believe' tour is set to be filmed for the next 3D movie (Photo: WENN)

Although the hunk's single and movie, both titled 'Never Say Never', were favourites amongst fans, recent reports state that the original words were NOT 'Never Say Never,' but instead titled 'Sexy Together.'

Surely that would make the track have a slightly different meaning, Biebs?

MTV reports that the original lyrics for the smash hit included, "We're so sexy together/when we touch hotter than summer weather/ No one else does it better/ and know that everybody wants what we got/we're sexy together."

Former NLT boy band member Travis Garland told MTV News that back in 2010, he co-wrote and recorded a demo for the track, before it was sold and given to Bieber.

"The story behind that is that was a song I wrote with a production team called the Messengers it was called 'Sexy Together' and I actually cut the song," Garland said, adding: "Eventually decided it wasn't right for me and I wasn't going to use it, so I said go ahead and shop it for somebody else, and so they ended up just rewriting my lyrics and then selling it to Justin Bieber for his movie."

Justin Bieber has been wowing fans across the globe with his 'Believe' tour

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