What Would Kanye West Say? Kim Kardashian Named 'World's Most Famous Porn Star'


Kim Kardashian is probably one of the best known reality TV stars at the moment, but it appears former Celebrity Big Brother housemates and US TV stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag believe otherwise after branding her the "world's most famous porn star".

Revealing they don't feel threatened by Kim and her reality TV family, Spencer told Yahoo OMG!:

"It's like any Royal family, she is just from a different royal land. Kim Kardashian is from Mars and we're from Earth, you know what I mean?"

Claiming to know the 'real' reason behind her fame, Spencer continued: "No one can understand why she is famous but I can, that is why she is famous! People are so interested in asking why she is famous that it's just an endless cycle.

"But I can tell you that Kim Kardashian is the world's most famous porn star! She would not be anywhere, I guarantee it, without that sex tape."

What Would Kanye West Say? Kim Kardashian Named 'World's Most Famous Porn Star'

Speidi have branded Kim as the 'world's most famous porn star' (WENN)

We wonder what Kim would have to say about that!

Meanwhile, the speculation surrounding the rumours that Kim and Kanye are engaged have been dismissed. Reacting to a photo Kim posted of herself wearing a 'KW' ring on her engagement ring finger, a source told HollywoodLife:

"Kim like to keep ya’ll guessing and unless Kanye keeping his mouth shut, I don’t think they’re engaged."

Suggesting that Kim's decision to wear the ring on her engagement finger could be to do with her wanting to show commitment to Kanye, the insider went on to say:

“…She’s had that ring for a while and has been sporting it all over the place last year. So the ring ain’t nothing new. I just think she’s committed to him and want to share that with people and that’s why she blasted that s**t.”

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