Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge: Is Mum Carole A 'Pushy Tigeress'?

Carole Middleton, has been painted as the ultimate pushy mum behind daughter Kate's, now Duchess of Cambridge, rise from middle class school girl to future Queen, but is it a fair depiction? According to Katie Nicholl, who recently penned a biography about the royal, the former air hostess was definitely "aspirational," when it came to her children.

Now the grandmother of the future king, baby Prince George, Carole has been seen as the formidable force in Kate's social climbing success. While the 32-year-old is seen as reserved and quiet, it's Carole who has been seen as the one who pushed her daughter towards Prince William, with suggestions even saying it was her idea for Kate to attend St Andrews, where the royal was also enrolled.

EntertainmentWise.com sat down with Katie Nicholl, author of Kate: The Future Queen, to see what she discovered when writing the tell all biography.

Admitting she'd been intrigued by Prince William's mother-in-law she said: "I was really fascinated in Kate's relationship with Carol and all her family, but particuarly Carol because her mother seems to be such a fundamental part of her life."

"Thrilled" grandparents Carole and Michael Middleton emerge from St Mary's Hospital (Splash News)

Revealing her thoughts on Carole, Katie went on: "I was determined to try to discover what Carol was really like, whether she was this pushy tigeress of a mother and I spoke to friends who've known her for the best part of 35 years,"

"[They] say that she was aspirational that she came from a working class background and family and she was determined to do the best for herself and her children. Not just for Kate, but for all her children," she added.

According to Katie's book, released last month, Carole wasn't afraid to get involved with her daughter's romance with the prince and reportedly confronted him over his future plans after the pair had been together for nearly a decade.

Carole Middleton with daughter Kate on the eve of her wedding to Prince William (WENN)

This little chat happened at the Middleton family home just before Christmas 2009, apparently - and a family friend has reportedly stepped forward to reveal that Carole "expressed her fears" to the Prince, and he responded by promising her that marriage and children were both on the horizon.

They became engaged the following November, and their first child - George - was born on July 22.

Middleton pal George Brown has said: "It was a condition when Kate and William got married that Carole and Michael would be a part of the grandchildren’s lives."

Kate: From Bucklebury School Girl To Future Queen

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