Kate Middleton V. Cressida Bonas: Will Prince Harry's Girlfriend Be A Better Royal Bride?

Rumours Prince Harry is set to tie the knot with Cressida Bonas have been rife over the last few weeks and while there's no indication yet the couple of just over a year are set to announce their engagement that hasn't stopped speculation there could be a royal wedding as early as next year.

Kate Middleton was the perfect royal bride when she tied the knot with Prince William in 2011, but don't expect Cressida to be in her shadow if she does head down the aisle with Harry.

In fact, here's why we think she might just outshine her:

She's the perfect blue-blood, leggy, blonde

Kate Middleton might be a Duchess now, but when she first started dating Prince William she wasn't exactly the usual blue blood the future king was expected to go for. Kate was at times knocked for claims of social climbing and even attempting to orchestrate the royal romance, but there's no way anyone can argue with Cressida's pedigree. Her mother is Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon, heir to the Curzon banking family and has a long list of gentrified relatives.

The in-laws already love her

Cressida with BFFs Princess Eugenie and Beatrice (WENN)

We can't help but think, while Kate appears close to William's family, Cressida would be the favourite of the two when it comes to Prince Harry's relatives as she's already BFF's with his cousin Princess Eugiene. The girls have been close for years and Eugiene was even the one who introduced Harry and Cressida last Summer so we know the family will approve of the prince's choice of bride.

Cressida and Harry are just more fun!

Cressida can't contain her giggles as society wedding (WENN)

Kate and Wills' wedding was deeply traditional and conservative and while it was in keeping with previous royal weddings we can't help but think Cressida and Harry's bash would be way more fun. The couple spent most of the Summer hitting festivals, including Glastonbury where Cressida reportedly caught the eye of Rolling Stone's star Ronnie Wood and had to be warned off by Harry. And don't get us started on the reception - Harry is known to love a good party and will no doubt make sure it's a rauceous affair.

The Bonas' beat out the Middletons

The Middleton's are nice - but they can't beat Cressida's relatives (WENN)

The Middletons seem a very nice family, but for pure entertainment they can't beat Cressida's bunch of relatives. Not only was mum Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon an It girl in the sixties, but she was such a hit a blue cocktail, called the Curzon, was created at Claridge's in her honour. She also posed half naked, covered in oil in an edition of Birds Of Britain - can you imagine Carole doing the same?

It's not just her mum either half sister Gabriella Wilde has modelled for Burberry, according to Tatler and will appear in the Julianne Moore remake of Carrie and cousin Richard Dinan hs a regular on Made In Chelsea.

We're more excited about Cressida's bridal style than safe Kate's!

We'd expect more Vivenne Westwood than McQueen when Cressida's the bride (SplashNews)

Kate's Alexander McQueen wedding dress was stunning but pretty safe when it came to the big day, so we have to say we'd be more excited about just what Cressida might choose to walk down the aisle in. Her style is more boho, hipster than her rival Kate and can often be seen in dungarees and even appears to be trying to make the scrunchie work.

We can't imagine the fun loving dancer will want to stick to something traditional on the big day, so get ready for a shock if she does walk down the aisle with Harry!

They'll be no 'Pippa' moments for Cressida

Isabella, married to Sam Branson, won't outshine Cressida (WENN)

While Kate had to put up with Pippa Middleton's bottom stealing the spotlight on her big day, we can't imagine Cressida will have to worry too much about her elder sisters. Big sister Isabella Branson might actually be more of a headache for the Duchess as she is an ex-flame of Prince William's. New mum Kate was reportedly so worried about Will's teenage crush on the blonde beauty, she banned him from talking to her back when they first started dating. With Isabella a shoe-in for maid of honour and Wills likely to be bestman they couple would walk down the aisle together after the wedding if Harry and Cressida did tie the knot - something we're guessing was once Kate's worst nightmare!

Kate's big day: But will Cressida outshine her?

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