Katie Price Admits that She Wishes She Had Her Own Teeth


Katie Price has admitted that she wishes she still had her own natural teeth, when asked what one thing she would change about herself if given the chance...

Katie Price (aka Jordan) isn't famed for being a natural beauty, but the glamour model has admitted that she wishes that were the case.

Well, when it comes to her teeth at least!

The glamour model has revealed to The Independent Magazine that she damaged her teeth in a childhood accident and was forced to have them replaced with veneers:

"If I could change one thing about myself I would have my own teeth... I fell off my brother's skateboard when I was younger and have had veneers since."

We'd have never been able to tell if you hadn't pointed it out Katie...

Luckily the model doesn't like to dwell on all of the shoulda coulda wouldas of the past, admitting that she prefers to live each and every single day as if it were her last:

"I try and live each day like it's my last... You only live once and you're a long time dead, so enjoy it."

It's nice to know that she's planning on taking every last bite outta life - even if it's not with her own teeth!

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