Katy Perry: 'I'll Never Date Again'

Katy Perry: 'I'll Never Date Again'
Katy Perry: 'I'll Never Date Again'

She's had her fair share of heartache in the past year but we didn't expect Katy Perry to swear off men completely!

The singer has said she'll "never date again" but her shocking vow isn't down to her marriage split from Russell Brand, nope it's all because of a fart machine...

Katy has been joking that the candid nature of her new docu-film 'Part Of Me' means she'll properly repell men for the rest of her life. Talking to BBC Radio One, Katy reckons:

"There's so much to show. It's a behind the curtain movie, and I, of course, left in those parts where I'm not wearing make-up and there's a fart machine, and the opening part you think I'm letting them rip,"

"This is really personal. I hope you guys don't go to the bathroom at that point and then don't realise its coming from a computer. I'm never gonna date again!"

We can't imagine girly Katy letting one rip can you? Besides her new man, Florence + The Machine's Robert Ackroyd doesn't seem to mind his lady's fart jokes. Ms Perry has also made up a whole new film genre in which she thinks her warts and all film should be placed:

"It would be an event. Can I make that a genre?"

"It's got everything. It's not just a documentary. You get so much more than that. You get a lot of exclusive footage of me at 18, it's very strange."

Katy was speaking ahead of the film's premiere in London, UK, yesterday in which she revealed that the London weather was seriously "depressing".


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