Keira Knightley Found A Ghost In Her Hotel Room


Keira Knightley once found a ghost in her hotel room.

The 27-year-old actress has never believed in the supernatural, but thinks that can be the only explanation for the encounter she had with a mystery man who apparently disappeared in front of her eyes.

She told American TV talk show host Jay Leno: "I was staying in a hotel in this city [Los Angeles]. The room had a bedroom and a sitting room. I walked into the sitting room. I'd just got out of the shower. There was a guy sitting on the sofa.”

Keira even remembered some pretty specific details about his appearance and their conversation, leading us to believe she isn’t telling fibs.

She continued: "He had a burgundy shirt on and he had short black hair and I thought 'Oh some guy has come into my room.' I said to him 'I'm really sorry, you're in my room,' and he disappeared.

"Then my mum came in and was like 'Who are you talking to?' and I'm standing there. 'I don't think I'd been drinking, it was early in the morning so I can't figure out what it was other than a ghost. He was so real, then all of a sudden he wasn't there."

The actress accepts her story doesn't sound very convincing but is adamant the spooky encounter happened. Saying what we’re probably all thinking, she added: "I sound crazy!"

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