Kim Kardashian And Kanye West To 'Name Their Baby Khrist'?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have remained tight-lipped on confirming baby details, but with baby-name rumours surfacing rapidly, and the gossip mill going into overdrive, sources are now claiming that Kimye are considering naming their bundle of joy "Khrist".

Kim Kardashian has revealed that giving birth in Paris is a possibility, but when it comes to baby names the reality TV star says that her rapper beau and her are "still deciding".

According to sources, Kim is keen to keep up with her family's tradition of starting names with a K, and is now considering Kanye's option of "Khrist". Like Christ but with a K.

“Kanye likes the name Khrist,” an insider told Naughty But Nice Rob, which is a big coincidence seeing as the Watch The Throne rapper has a new single coming out called I Am A God and is clearly not worried about being accused of blasphemy.

"I know it is shocking, but let's remember that this is a guy that is naming his new CD, I Am A God", the source ranted. "So it makes perfect sense that the child of a god would be named Christ with a K”.

While a source close to the couple told EntertainmentWise that Kimye are considering lots of names together, but that "they aren't set on anything yet".

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West To 'Name Their Baby Khrist'?

Kim is unsure of what to name her baby bump, but Kanye is full of ideas (TNYF/WENN)

However it seems that Kim, who has openly admitted to not taking to pregnancy as easily as other members of her family, is happy to let her baby-daddy take charge as he views their baby's name as "a brand".

“This is a huge decision but it is Kanye who is taking the lead”, the source concluded. “Yes, Kim wants the perfect name that is unusual and fun, but she thinks it’s just a name. Kanye sees a name as much more than a name, he sees it as a brand".

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