Kristen Stewart 'Bombarding Robert Pattinson With Calls' Despite 'Lack Of Valentines Day Affection'

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may not have exchanged Valentine's Day cards this year, but according to new reports, it seems like this isn't stopping K-Stew from chasing her 'Twilight' hunk and she's apparently been phoning Rob constantly whilst he's filming 'The Rover' in Australia.

It seems like the lack of Valentine's Day communication certainly hasn't put Kristen off and she's apparently keener than ever for the pair to get their relationship back on track, according to The Sun.

However, Kristen may not have been able to get through to her actor beau because apparently he's been busy calling Libery Ross, who is the ex wife of Rupert Sanders - going back to the affair scandal that shocked us all over the summer.

A source said: “Funnily enough Robert’s always thought Liberty was gorgeous since he first spotted her in a magazine as a teen.”

“They’re keen to meet up when they’re both in London in March.”

On the other hand, it looks like K-Stew has been turning to family members for support as she spends time apart from Rob whilst he's in Oz.

Kristen Stewart 'Bombarding Robert Pattinson With Calls' Despite 'Lack Of Valentines Day Affection'

Has Kristen Stewart been bombarding Rob with calls since he left for Aus? (Photo: WENN)

“Kristen spent the day with her mom, [Jules Stewart] and her little brother [Taylor Stewart],” a source told HollwoodLife.

“As far as I know, she didn’t get any Valentine’s Day gifts from Rob. She’s been hanging out with her mom a lot lately. I think her mom is really comforting and supportive. And so is her brother.”

The couple have been apart from the last few weeks as Rob shoots his new movie down under, but are set to be reunited for the promotion of ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ DVD release promotion, according to the website and with recent rumours of a split, executives at Summit Entertainment are said to be keen the couple put on a united front.

They said: “They want both Rob & Kristen to be seen somewhere together right before the release of the DVD in March, and they think they will be able to get that achieved whether they are rekindled or broken up.”

Since Rob headed to Oz rumours of a split have been surfacing, but according to an insider the couple are “all good” and Kristen not visiting her boyfriend was nothing to do with the strength of their romance.

They told E! Online the 22 year-old wouldn't be visiting, because he only has a short amount of time left filming and “is smart enough to know that if she goes to visit it will bring too much unwanted attention to the film."

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Kristen Stewart 'Bombarding Robert Pattinson With Calls' Despite 'Lack Of Valentines Day Affection'

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