Kristen Stewart Worries About Future Movie Roles: 'People Assume I'm Twilight's Bella Swan'


Kristen Stewart definitely made a name for herself whilst playing the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise and the actress has now revealed that she's struggling to break away from his role and worries that she won't be able to fulfill other parts because of this.

The brunette has revealed all to the Chicago Sun Times, admitting that she's having a tough time venturing into new roles because she fears her former chatacter Bella will stay with her forever.

Now that the Twilight Saga has finally ended, K-Stew says that she's trying to distance herself from her vampy role.

She says, “Of course, there are people who so genuinely love the Twilight movies and books that they’ve said, ‘Every single time I see you in a movie, you’re still Bella to me.’ It doesn’t bother me. I just say, ‘Fantastic, you’re a big Bella fan. I can totally relate. I’m a fan of Bella, too.’”

The On The Road star also added that her Twilight part did affect her career course in a big way. Kristen added, “I didn’t take many other projects while we were doing Twilight. In the end, Bella didn’t stick with me more than any other character.”

Kristen Stewart Worries About Future Movie Roles: 'People Assume I'm Twilight's Bella Swan'

Kristen worries that she'll never be able to shake off Twilight's Bella Swan (Photo: WENN)

She then continued, “I do think people assume that I’m Bella. I have to prove to them that I can do other things and that she was just a character.”

Meanwhile, it seems like the 22 year old really is trying to distance herself from her Twilight role as she reportedly told a fan whilst in LA that her fave films are The Lost Boys and The Shining.

No mention of Twilight, eh K-Stew?

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