La La Anthony Fed Up Of People Branding Kim Kardashian A 'Whore'

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La La Anthony has defended her close friend Kim Kardashian, saying she is "tired" of people labelling the reality star for years.

La La Anthony Fed Up Of People Branding Kim Kardashian A 'Whore'

The La La's Full Court Life star has been friends with Kim for several years, and has stood by her throughout all the controversy that has plagued the reality star in recent years, including the fall-out from her failed marriage to Kris Humphries.

However, it seems La La had the last straw yesterday morning during an interview with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, when a listener branded Kim a "whore."

The listener called in to ask La La for advice on how they should deal with their best friend having a reputation for sleeping around with multiple men, and compared her situation that of Kim and La La.

"First of all, We joke around and have fun but I am really starting to get a little tired of people calling her that to me because if I was calling your friend a whore you wouldn’t like that would you?" La La responded.

"No matter what people’s perceptions are, I know my friend and I know her heart and who she is and she’s not a whore. We are all grown now!"

"I can’t be responsible for what people think about other people, I go by how a person treats me and she’s always been an amazing person to me."

"As far as your situation is concerned, the same thing applies. We are all grown. If your friend has a bad rep, you can’t take responsibility for what your friend does, so you shouldn’t be grouped in that category because of what she does, you can only be responsible for your own actions."

Do you agree with La La's advice? You can watch La La's full interview with The Breakfast Club here.

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