Lady GaGa Talks Naked G-A-Y Performance: 'It Was Just So Natural'

Lady Gaga has discussed the performance at London's G-A-Y nightclub that saw her, erm, Lady Garden on full view as she sang her latest track 'Venus'.

Speaking today, the singer revealed that her record label had a "meltdown" when she told them what she was planning on doing.

"I was performing my song 'Venus' for the first time and the label was having a meltdown as I was telling them I wanted to do this [get naked]," she told Radio 1.

Lady Gaga at G-A-Y (WENN)

"I was performing at G.A.Y and wanted to give them 'Venus' as a thank-you for always being there for me and supporting me in the beginning at one of my earlier gigs."

Revealing her inspiration, she explained: "It was just so natural to me, in the painting [Birth of Venus] by Botticelli, she's naked, she's spawned from the sea and the painting has been inspiring me.

"It just happened, I feel safe at certain points to do things like that. I just wanted to be nude and feel the spirit of Venus, come out of the painting and sing."

The 27-year-old said: "What I am on stage is always affected by the fans - 'ARTPOP' is about showing my artistic process. People think there is no artistic process and I should just shut up and sing pop songs."

Gaga drew hundreds of complaints for her provocative - but comparatively tame - performance on The X Factor's results show on Sunday night, during which she wore a seashell bikini.

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