Leonard Hofstader’s greatest moments on The Big Bang Theory

Gregory Wakeman
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Leonard Hofstader’s greatest moments on The Big Bang Theory
Leonard Hofstader (actor Johnny Galecki) on 'The Big Bang Theory'

Leonard Hofstader is the straight man of 'The Big Bang Theory'. He's there to help set-up the jokes for the likes of Sheldon, Raj, Howard, and Penny to slam-dunk. Thus, he doesn't often get moments of comedic glory all to himself.

But that hasn't stopped the rest of the gang making fun of the experimental physicist, and the fact that he has been forced to share an apartment with the insufferable Dr. Sheldon Cooper for so long means his life is often the source for great, hearty, laughs.

Unlike Sheldon, Raj, and Howard, at the start of the series Leonard yearns to move up the social ladder and in Penny, he sees an opportunity to do so. Their will they, won't they courtship has proved a tad annoying at times, but Johnny Galecki's lovelorn performances have helped to keep the show together through hard times.

To celebrate his achievements, here are Leonard's greatest ever moments on 'The Big Bang Theory' …

The Precious Fragmentation - Leonard Fights Sheldon

After the gang acquire a prop ring made for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Sheldon, Raj, Howard and Leonard decide to partake in a contest that will see the last man holding the piece of jewellery, claim it forever. Leonard soon drops out after being seduced by Penny, but when the rest of the posse fall asleep Hofstader lies and tells them he has posted it back to Peter Jackson. However when Sheldon finds it around his neck he decides to fight his roommate for the prize. Silly nerds.

The Staircase Implementation - How Leonard Met Sheldon

Told through flashback, Leonard decides to educate Penny on how he and Sheldon came to be roommates. After first mistaking Sheldon for a black transvestite, Leonard has to overcome several science based and pop culture quiz questions before signing the room mate agreement that would bind him together with the nut job for eternity.

The Vacation Solution - Leonard Sings The Black Eyed Peas

You could easily have guessed that Leonard wouldn't have the greatest singing voice in the world, but you have to at least give him an A for effort. Sheldon's label of 'caterwauling' sums it up pretty well.

The Werewolf Transformation - Leonard Loses To Penny At Chess

Leonard might not possess the grace, sex appeal, and curves of his neighbour, Penny, but at least he is smarter than her … most of the time, anyway. After being defeated by the buxom blonde at chess, during her first ever game, Leonard makes up several excuses before clearing up any potential evidence that could show she defeated him.

The Re-Entry Minimization - Leonard And Sheldon Play Charades

In the end though it is Leonard's constant proximity to Sheldon that brings BBT viewers the most joy, and even when the group are playing just a friendly game of charades he can't seem to escape him. After all these years though you'd expect the duo to be on the same wavelength, wouldn't you? The thing is though; no one will ever be on the same wavelength as Dr. Cooper.

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