LISTEN: Justin Bieber Releases New Single 'Boyfriend' Online

LISTEN: Justin Bieber Releases New Single 'Boyfriend' Online
LISTEN: Justin Bieber Releases New Single 'Boyfriend' Online

Shortly after releasing a teaser of his new single, Justin Bieber has debuted his new track 'Boyfriend' online.

The 18-year-old is set to release the first track to be taken from his new album Believe on iTunes today.

Boyfriend' was produced by Mike Posner, who has worked with stars including Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars and our very own Cher Lloyd.

Bieber threatened a more hip-hop vibe, and that looks to be where he's headed with the more edgy track. He sings and 'raps': "Tell me what you like, dear/ Tell me what you don't/ I could be your Buzz Lightyear/ Fly across the globe."

Talking about the single, producer Mason Levy previously told MTV News: "This record is different in a very good way. Definitely edgier, it's more grown-up, it's more developed and it's sexier. It's just like really dope. It's gonna definitely surprise people. People aren't really expecting that. They're going to like it."

Bieber has described his album as being "super special", talking to Capital FM, he said: "You know we've been working on the album for the past couple of months now and we've collaborated with so many different people, artists and producers, so it's really going to be super special."

The teen also added: "I don't want to give out too much but I just want to let the fans know that this album is basically all my hard work and all my efforts just to make the best album I can for all my fans."

Have a listen to Bieber's new single and tell us what you think!

Justin Bieber Is All Grown Up!

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