Made in Chelsea: Lucy Watson versus Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Rachael Hogg
Made in Chelsea: Lucy Watson versus Phoebe-Lettice Thompson
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Lucy gives us her best grill face.

Lucy Watson and Phoebe-Lettice Thompson may not have made many friends during their time on 'Made in Chelsea', but they have both certainly caused a stir, with man drama, girly bitching and plenty of flirting.


Lucy Watson may have had the biggest turnaround on the show. From everyone's least favourite character, Lucy has changed public opinion and been declared the most honest, down-to-earth person on the show (in relative terms).

However, Lucy is still deliciously evil, managing to cause riffs between the greatest lovers of all time, Spencer and Jamie. After being back with Spencer for all of two minutes, the entire population of Chelsea waded in for their say, with warnings and Tangfastic-faces all over the place. Even little Biscuits wanted a say: "I know exactly what you're like. As your best mate, I'm telling you you're making a mistake." But perhaps Jamie was making a mistake, coming between the two conjoined forces of Chelsea evil. Run Jamie, run while you still can.

Before accidentally-on-purpose splitting up the 'bois', Lucy had parted ways with the rather bland Alex on relatively good terms, with a quick chat and a casual: 'I have liked hanging out with you as frrrrriends.' No drama in sight. Shame.

Dropping yourself in it

As Phoebe tried to comprehend Lucy dating her ex, her girls rallied round and tried to help. "I wouldn't have thought Lucy was Alex's type," Fran helpfully mused. Phoebe shot back: "He does seem to go for... easy girls." Erm, weren't you with him for three years?


Lucy and Binky have become unusual 'Made in Chelsea' BFFs, while Phoebe has her army of mean girls, Olivia and Fran (the poor gal who got left behind when anyone who is anyone went to party with Spenny). The 'lettuces' may have the power of three and they're basically interchangeable which is great for a spot of espionage, but Lucy and Binky have the knowledge of what it's like to date most of the men on the show...


You would have thought Phoebe got her wish when Lucy ditched Alex in favour of the Bachelor, but she still had to have a grill-face-off with Miss Watson. This was a close-fought contest with Phoebe mastering a steely stare and Lucy giving us the classic grill.

Phoebe even congratulated Lucy on "playing it well," though from the look on her face, it doesn't look like she was being too sincere.


A few weeks ago it would have been scandalous to suggest Lucy would be winning a popularity contest, but the grill-faced gal has proven herself to be straight-up (for Chelsea), honest person who simply fascinates the boys. Whether she is making everyone jealous doing the ironing in her underwear (who doesn't...), or having a cheeky snog in a hot tub, there's no denying that there is something about Lucy.

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