Which Made In Chelsea star is your ideal BFF? Take the quiz to find out!

Eleanor Cains
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Which Made In Chelsea star is your ideal BFF? Take the quiz to find out!
Which 'Made In Chelsea' star would be the best bezzie mate for you? Copyright [Getty]

Lucy Watson, Louise Thompson, Binky Felstead and Millie Mackintosh all have fab qualities, but which 'Made In Chelsea' star would be the best bestie for you? Take the quiz and all will be revealed!

[ Which Made In Chelsea star is your ideal match? Take the quiz! ]

1. How do you react when someone annoys you?

A. I slap them

B. I throw a napkin at them

C. I tell them to stop getting up in my grill

D. I have a little cry

2. What qualities do you look for in a man?

A. Musical prowess

B. I like a bad boy. No wait, I like a good guy

C. He has to be as feisty as me

D. I want someone who'll treat me right

3. Where do you like to hang out?

A. In East London

B. In Edinburgh

C. In a ski resort

D. In the countryside

4. What is your dream job?

A. Make-up artist

B. Geography teacher

C. Lingerie model

D. Agony aunt

5. Who is the coolest person you know?

A. My man

B. A certain Irish singer in a certain huge band

C. Myself

D. My mum

6. What is your relationship status on Facebook?

A. Married. Blissfully so

B. It's complicated

C. Mind your own business

D. Single. But ready to mingle

Chose mostly A? Your ideal BFF is Millie!

You're not averse to a big outburst when confronted with a doofus, but you're very loyal to the ones you love. You're also willing to swap West for East when it comes to London socialising with your guy. Always immaculately turned out, you know a thing or two when it comes to beauty.

Chose mostly B? Your ideal BFF is Louise!

You can get a bit caught in the moment and napkins might fly when you're angry, but really you're a straightforward sort of gal who just wants a drama-free life. You're most likely to set your relationship status to 'it's complicated' but that keeps things interesting, right?

Chose mostly C? Your ideal BFF is Lucy!

Who needs to be polite when you can be real? You're feisty and take no prisoners, but deep down you do love a girly bonding session with the few pals you allow close to you. You've got a body to drool over and you ain't afraid to show it girlfriend, 'cos you're sexy and you know it.

Chose mostly D? Your ideal BFF is Binky!

You're a loveable lass who can be unlucky in love, but you're not going to let a man walk all over you. You love the simple pleasures in life, like hanging out with mummy dearest in the gorgeous countryside taking the dogs for a walk. You're a true friend and always lend an ear when your pals need advice.

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