Madonna Infuriates Guests With 'Rude' Behaviour At Oscars Party

Dominic Chan/
Dominic Chan/

Madonna is said to have shocked party-goers with her “rude” diva behaviour at an Oscars party last weekend with onlookers claiming the singer was acting like a “b***h” and even snubbed 'Life of Pi' director Ang Lee when he attempted to introduce himself.

The 'Girl Gone Wild' hitmaker attended the pre-Oscar reception party at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills on February 22 where the likes of Bradley Cooper, P. Diddy, Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio was also partying.

Madonna Infuriates Guests With 'Rude' Behaviour At Oscars Party
Madonna Infuriates Guests With 'Rude' Behaviour At Oscars Party

Madonna was reportedly "in a bad mood" at an Oscars party last week (Dominic Chan/WENN)

While Madonna was in the presence of many other famous faces, the singer reportedly acted as though she was the biggest celebrity in the room and refused to mingle with other guests. An eyewitness told the Daily Mail: “It was incredible - she stormed around as if a black cloud was following her and then she was gone. Everyone wanted to know what bug got up her arse.”

“She was just rude to most people she came into contact with. She really behaved like a b***h that night,” another guest added.

However, she shocked onlookers the most when she refused to speak to Ang Lee when he tried to introduce himself to the star, saying: “I'm not interested,” and allegedly turning her back on him when he made another attempt at instigating conversation.

While an “associate” of Madonna's denied that she was “rude” insisting she was “in the best mood,” they did admit that reports of the diva acting like a “b***h” were “not unusual.”

“It's not unusual that people might find her a b***h. She's not walking the room, smiling like Kelly Ripa. She's not a prom queen,” the friend told the publication.

“She was not rude, though she could have potentially made someone feel that they shouldn't say hello to her, and that wasn't intentional, and perhaps some people might have thought she didn't seem approachable that night. And she didn't leave in a huff.”

The insider also denied that Madonna snubbed Ang, revealing that she actually invited him to her own party on the night of the Oscars.

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