Makes A Change From Vegas! Kate Middleton Gives Prince Harry Cooking Lessons

It sounds like Kate Middleton is trying to reign in wild royal Prince Harry as it's revealed that she's been giving her brother-in-law secret cookery lessons!

All that partying and naked antics haven't left Hazza much time for the domesticated things in life so his older sis has apprently taken it upon herself to show Harry the ropes in the kitchen.

According to Grazia magazine a source close to the royals has revealed Kate initially offered to help Harry to give herself something to do whilst her hubby Prince William is away for work. A source said:

''Kate is a whizz in the kitchen while Harry's skills are rather lacking. So Kate has been teaching Harry to cook rather than use the microwave."

"Aside from the relationship they have a very brotherly, sisterly relationship and Harry has been a great support to Kate, who is still fairly new to the royal family.''

Kate and Harry's close relationship has been evident in recent weeks as the two were spotted laughing and joking at the Olympic Closing Ceremony, which WIlliam was unable attend due to work committments.

It sounds like the Duchess and young Prince have got the brother/sister banter down too with the source going onto say that they love to gang up on poor Willls. Apparently Harry's older brother has gained a few pounds recently and his wife and bro have taken to calling him "Burger KIng". We see what they did there!

Not that Wills is complaining about Kate and Harry's friendship, the source reveals:

''It's always a laugh when Kate and Harry are together. William loves that his wife and brother are such good pals and he jokingly calls Harry Kate's 'lady in waiting' because he's always there by her side."

"What he doesn't enjoy is how much they like to wind him up. 'There's always a lot of laughter when the three are together but it's normally aimed at Wills, poor chap, but he takes it well and knows it's all a bit of banter.''

We wonder what big sis Kate reckons to Harry's naked partying...

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Makes A Change From Vegas! Kate Middleton Gives Prince Harry Cooking Lessons

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