Margot Robbie's Mother 'Cool' With Daughter's Nudity Scenes In The Wolf Of Wall Street

Margot Robbie may have one of the hottest bodies out there, but the actress previously admitted that she was worried about stripping off for her latest role in The Wolf Of Wall Street. However, it seems like her mum is fine with the naked scenes, with her speaking out at the film's Brisbane premiere last week.

Margot's mum Sarrie spoke to Australia's Sunrise reporters on the red carpet, admitting that she wasn't bothered about her daughter's full frontal nudity in the flick.

She went on to give the scenes a thumbs up, but added: "For the grandparents, no, we decided it probably wouldn't be the best thing for them to see."

Margot Robbie's mother spoke out about her daughter's nudity in The Wolf Of Wall Street (WENN)

Despite her mother approving, Margot has said that she was left concerned over whether or not raunchy images of herself would end up circulating online, after she said yes to playing the role of Jordan Belfort's (Leonardo DiCaprio) second wife in the much-talked about movie.

Look magazine reports the actress as saying previously: ''[Nudity is] different in this day and age, because of the internet. It was like, if I do this there will forever be YouTube clips of this, there will be slow-motion versions.

''It's not just the repercussions for myself - my brothers and my grandparents have to deal with that. So it's not something to be taken lightly.''

However, Robbie did go on to say that she felt that the part was worth the risk in the long run and it's definitely proved to have been worth it, with the Martin Scorsese flick picking up an Oscar nomination.

The 23-year-old continued: ''There are scripts I pick up and say, 'There's no reason why she's taking her clothes off, that's just stupid, it's just nudity for the sake of nudity.' That I do not agree with, ever.

''But when the nudity is warranted, I don't think there's anything shameful in that. If it's justified and the character would do it, then it should be there.''

Leonardo described the naked scenes as "fun" (WENN)

Meanwhile, despite Margot not being quite so thrilled with the nudity scenes, DiCaprio recently said that he found them "fun" to film.

The hunk told Britain's OK! magazine: ''Much of the film depended on creating a wild and reckless atmosphere. I didn't hold anything back. There were no stunt doubles for me either - it's all me. That's all me flopping around naked!

''We added an orgy scene on an aeroplane which was a full day of filming. It was insane."

He continued: ''It was fun [filming the scenes]. I didn't think about the nudity much because I was trying to portray what this guy's life was like and it all really happened.''

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