Meryl Streep Would Be 'Honoured' By 'Hope Springs' Oscar Nomination


It's that time of year again, when Meryl Streep appears in a movie that critics and audiences love and inevitably the speculation starts as to whether the Grand Dame of Hollywood will be adding to her collection of Oscars come the spring.

In 'Hope Springs' Streep stars alongside Tommy Lee-Jones in a tender dead pan comedy about a couple who are struggling with the lack of passion in their relationship.

Last year of course Streep won her second 'Best Actress' gold statuette for playing Margaret Thatcher in 'The Iron Lady', and she could be forgiven for only caring about wins, but it seems that the actress would still just love to be nominated, despite already having a record 17 of those.

Meryl Streep Would Be 'Honoured' By 'Hope Springs' Oscar Nomination

Meryl Streep, Oscar hoarder? (Photo: HRC/WEN)

She told The Metro: "I am very, very honoured to be nominated, always. When actors say it’s the nomination that matters, that it’s not the winning or losing, they’re not lying. Because the way the thing is set up, the first round of nominations come only from actors.

On the subject of sex and love in the movie, she said: "I think it’s just about allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to show your weakness, to show what you need, to show what you are not capable of doing all by yourself. And how much you need. I think that’s what it is. And that’s what’s embarrassing and hard."

Will Meryl bag ANOTHER Oscar? It could be unlikely after last years' win, but no one would ever want to bet against the star.

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