Michelle Obama Admits Her Daughter Had To Stop Her Messing Up On Kiss-Cam


Kiss-cams at basketball games was one American tradition we Brits imported for the Olympics, but it seems that our US cousins aren't all so clued up on what to do when you and your loved one appear on the big screen.

It seems that Michelle Obama didn't quite know what to do when her and hubby Barack (that's the President to you and I) appeared on the big screen. Apparently Obama's daughter Malia even had to help the poor First Lady out.

Michelle told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that when the camera initially focused on the illustrious couple, she didn't have the foggiest idea what to do, much to the chagrin of her more street-wise daughter Malia.

Michelle said: "She was just disgusted with us. She said, 'Why didn't you kiss?' And I was like, 'Kiss what? What are you talking about?'"

After the couple were booed, Malia then apparently arranged for the camera to return, but had to be stern with her mother, and had to sit with them to "make sure we didn't mess it up".

For Obama, who's apparently a huge basketball fan it must've been doubly embarrassing.

It also brings to mind one consolation to help soften the post-Olympics depression; at least the  kiss-cam won't get the chance to hover over London Mayor Boris Johnson and PM David Cameron.

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