Miley Cyrus is all for female nudity

Miley Cyrus is all for female nudity

What better poster girl could there be for female nudity than Miley Cyrus?

Given that the racy singer has spent more of 2013 with her clothes off than on, it should come as no surprise that Miley has thrown her weight behind a campaign to support ladies' right to strip off.

Ever since she stunned the world with her saucy performance with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, Miley's been shrugging off criticisms of her love for flashing the flesh.

Now she's voicing her support for the Free the Nipple campaign, a drive to decriminalise female nudity in the U.S. and end restrictions on the female form in movies.

The cheeky pop star, who also wasted no time in shedding her clothes (but not her boots) in her Wrecking Ball video, has posted a link to the campaign on her Twitter account along with a picture of her holding a fake nipple.

Representatives for the campaign are obviously over the moon at the high-profile support, but whatever restrictions there are in place now don't seem to bother Miley much anyway...