What Will Miranda Kerr Say? Orlando Bloom Admits He Went Nude For Upcoming Movie Zulu

Orlando Bloom has revealed he went full frontal for new film Zulu which resorted in him wearing a “c**k sock”.

The 36-year-old British actor, who is married to supermodel Miranda Kerr, made a special appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday evening (October 13) where he told his fans the news.

When asked whether he’d ever strip for a movie role, the Lord of the Rings star replied, “You’re in luck ’cause earlier this year I spent about seven days on set wearing just a c**k sock because I’m nude!

“It’s a film called Zulu. It stars myself and Forest Whitaker. It’s directed by this fantastic French director called Jerome Salle. We premiered it at Cannes.

Orlando Bloom at the opening night of Broadway's Romeo and Juliet (TRY CW/WENN)

“You do get to see the full Orlando Bloom.”

The Hollywood hunk was joined with his LOTR and Hobbit co-star Sir Ian McKellen, who teased him, “Is this movie in 3D?”

“I had to wear a sock, because unlike Ian….” Bloom trailed off without elaborating.

Chat host Andy Cohen later quizzed the father-of-one about what he thought about the film The Bling Ring, about a real life gang of teens who robbed celebrity homes, including Bloom’s.

“I do think it’s rather tragic that in America, something like robbing somebody’s house can be celebrated. It’s really rather ridiculous,” Bloom explained.

“But at the same time, I’m sure it’s probably a really interesting and fascinating story. I have yet to see the film. I’m a little on the fence. I’m had my innocence robbed, too. It’s a really awful thing to have happen to you.”

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