Bill Murray Set For An Oscar For Playing FDR?

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It seems these days that the best route to grabbing an Oscar as an actor is to play a historical character, with Meryl Streep and Colin Firth winning Best Actor and Actress for their roles as Margaret Thatcher and King George VI.

Bill Murray could have picked worse then in choosing to play Fraklin Delano Roosevelt, the iconic US President in new movie 'Hyde Park On Hudson'. FDR has become one of America's best loved Presidents, despite have to overcome disability caused by a bout of polio when young.

Critics in Toronto, where the film just premiered, have showered praise on Murray for his role as FDR, with many noticing the obvious parallels between the new movie and previous films that have stormed Awards season.

The film features George VI and documents the personal relationship between them in the run up to the second World War, and is told from the perspective of FDR's distant cousin and confidant Daisy, played by Laura Linney.

Bill Murray Set For An Oscar For Playing FDR?

Bill Murray at the Toronto premiere of 'Hyde Park On Hudson (Photo: Ian Wilson/WENN)

Critics have already praised Murray's performance even though the film is unlikely to sweep the board at the 2013 Oscars like 'The King's Speech'.

However according to the AP, Murray was keen to dampen down any Awards speculation, denying that the role was the kind of one that leads to an actor becoming the proud owner of a gold stauette.

The actor, who missed out after a nomination for his role in 2004's 'Lost In Translation', said: "To me, an Oscar-type role, when I see those kinds of roles, I consider them schmuck bait. They're often sentimental, schmaltz. This one wasn't sentimental at all, because it's a sort of behind-the-curtain look."

Even though Murray might not think it's typical Oscar bait, the role surely marks him out as an early contender in 2013's Awards Season.

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