The Party Continues? Justin Bieber Spotted At Miami Bar With Dad Jeremy Post-Arrest

Justin Bieber may have been arrested yesterday for DUI and drag racing in Miami Beach, but that didn't stop the Baby superstar heading for a few drinks following his release, as he was snapped surrounded by mystery bottles alongside his dad Jeremy.

It isn't known if Biebs was drinking alcohol at the bar, but CBS News 4 Miami reporter Gaby Fleischman did get a shot of Justin checking his phone and hanging at a table that had several bottles on it after he had been released from Miami's Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Centre.

Justin and dad Jeremy spotted with bottles at their table after he is released following arrest (Twitter/CBS Miami)

Radar Online previously reported that Justin didn't waste any time in heading back to California to attend an alleged prior commitment, but it seems like the singer and his dad Jeremy still had enough time to head for some refreshments at the unnamed spot on 14th street and Collins near South Beach.

Justin leaves jail (Splash News)

Justin was arrested in the early hours of yesterday morning and was charged for driving without a valid licence, DUI and resisting arrest without violence, with the singer's bail being set by the judge at $2,500 (£1,500).

The Canadian idol failed a sobriety test during his arrest, according to authorities - and allegedly swore at officers when stopped.

He had been drag racing in Miami Beach, after two SUVs blocked off the road in a residential area.

Justin grins in his mugshot (Twitter)

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