Prince Harry's top 10 omg! moments of 2012

Christopher Morris
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Prince Harry's top 10 omg! moments of 2012
Prince Harry gives a thumbs up after walking by the Apache flight-line at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

2012 saw the Royal family celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and participating in such huge international events as the London Olympic Games. Prince Harry has played a part in all of this, but it has also been a turbulent time in his personal life. Here I look back at Harry's top 10 omg! moments from 2012.

1. Harry wins Apache helicopter course prize

In a news story from early in the year, some of the activity that Harry was to be involved in later in the year was indicated by his winning of a prize on an Apache helicopter course that he was involved in within his RAF military training.

2. Posted to Afghanistan

Following this training period in September, Harry was posted to Afghanistan to serve a four month tour of duty alongside fellow members of the British armed forces.

In a year in which Kate Middleton has barely been out of the news, and in a momentous year for Britain has a whole, I look back at Kate's ten top omg! moments from 2012.

3. Chatting up Cheryl Cole

Following the Diamond Jubilee concert which was held at Buckingham Palace in July, Harry was reported afterwards to have acquired Cheryl Cole's phone number, although nothing came of this apparent burgeoning romance.

4. Dances with locals in Belize

During the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Harry embarked on a week-long tour of numerous Commonwealth countries in the Americas, including the Bahamas, Jamaica and Brazil. During this trip, he danced with locals in Belize, formerly British Honduras.

5. Attends Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

The London Olympic Games was a huge event for the whole of Britain, and after the Queen opened up the ceremony, Harry represented the Royals at the closing ceremony, exchanging cheery words with his brother's spouse Kate Middleton.

6. Photographed playing 'Strip Billiards'

Possibly the biggest Harry story of the year were the photographs captured of him apparently playing strip billiards during a trip to Las Vegas in August. Makes a change from Strip Poker, I suppose.

7. Break up from Chelsea Davy

After the Las Vegas story broke, it was reported that Harry's then girlfriend, trainee lawyer Chelsea Davy, had split from him as a result of the photographs. For now, it seemed the Prince was a single man again.

8. Offered £100,000 to strip

After the news of his stripping antics broke, Harry was offered a role in a 'steamy' Las Vegas show by the name of "Shades of Temptation" with the producer willing to offer him £100,000 for a one off appearance. Surprisingly, it never happened...

9. Signs up to cougar dating site

With the ginger Prince apparently back on the market, in November, it was reported that Harry had signed up for a dating site especially aimed at members of the armed forces. Unfortunately, for those women who fancy the idea of dating a Prince, it was a practical joke.

10. Harry finds new love... but it's complicated

In recent weeks Harry has reportedly been seeing a new love by the name of Cressida Bonas. But the blonde model is reportedly still keen on her ex, so we will have to wait to see how this budding romance turns out...

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