Professor Green 'Doesn't Understand Why People Care About His Romance!'

Professor Green 'Doesn't Understand Why People Care About His Romance!'

Professor Green and Made In Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh have been one of the 'couples of the moments' for a while now, however Pro Green has recently revealed that he doesn't understand why anyone would care what the two lovebirds are getting upto...

In an interview with, the star has revealed that he's never understood the press fascination with the pairs relationship since him and Millie started dating back in February - but has said that he was a bit naive about the situation.

The 'Read All About It' singer said: "Do you know what? I kind of got into it naïvely not expecting that to happen and it has. They [the press] have really sunk their teeth into it."

"In a sense, I suppose we’ve fuelled it but by doing things that are unavoidable, like normal things that people do in a relationship, like going shopping."

"I support her in what she does. You know, I went to the BAFTAs with her and she supports me with what I do, she came to The Brits with me. We understand that we are going to get photographed, that’s obvious."

He continued: "We are just two people who get on so we are in a relationship, that’s really all it is. I don’t understand all the other stuff but I guess people that don’t have that much going on take interest in what’s going on in everyone else’s life."

"The thing is, we don’t talk to these weekly magazines. You haven’t seen us in OK! magazine and no, you will not. They just pull things out of thin air or they take one line and they fluff it up."

"I see headlines and then I read what’s beneath them and what they’ve used as a headline hasn’t even been said. It’s just something they’ve made up. It’s a bit of a wind up."

Awww, ignore the nasty comments, Prof! We just love to see a happy celeb couple!

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