Psy Earns £5 Million From 'Gangnam Style' Success In 2012


Psy's worldwide smash hit viral single 'Gangnam Style' has reportedly raked in £5 million for the South Korean rapper over the last year.

According to The AP, the popstar is expected to earn an estimated £5.3 million at the end of this year as a result of his YouTube sensation, which has drummed up more than 886 million views, making it the most-watched video in the site's history.

'Gangnam Style' has broken countless records, including entering the Guinness Book of Records, with his income from the video sharing website alone said to be around £540,670. Impressively, Psy has also generated a cut of profits from parodies of the video that are hosted on the site.

According to DigitalSpy, a South Korean securities analyst says his biggest income will be from his commercial deals, making him an estimated £2.86 million.

Psy Earns £5 Million From 'Gangnam Style' Success In 2012

Gangnam Stlye Has Earned Korean Popstar Psy £5 Million! (Wenn)

There is a lot of anticipation to see what Psy will come up with for his second single and there has been rumours that he will work with high profile rapper 2 Chainz and producer Diplo.

Earlier this week Diplo tweeted: "No lie i just finished something with @psy_oppa and @2chainz the mayan calendar predicted this."

There have also been hints that Justin Bieber will collaborate with Psy on his next single too!

Could Psy double his money in 2013? We'll have to wait and see...

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