REVIEW: Dallas - JR Promises To Get Southfork Back


We left the Ewing family last week, at the point where JR had just realised his son, the dastardly John Ross, had tricked him into thinking he was in the process of making a profitable deal selling Southfork. However, the girl he thought was Marta, the daughter of an old and trusted friend, turned out to be an impostor.

The episode begins with JR confronting John Ross. But surprisingly, there is no bloodshed or threats as we expected. JR simply apologises for not being a better father and asks John Ross to let him teach him "the things my Daddy taught me about rig oil". The thought of the two of them together as a team is quite formidable. "The oil industry runs on two things: drilling mud, and information," JR says, hinting at his limited ethics.

Rebecca and Ann spend some more quality time together, this time shooting bottles. Ann leaves to go to Bobby's appointment with the doctor leaving her daughter-in-law with Tommy. "Ann's a good person." Rebecca tells her brother. "But not too good a judge of character," he replies. Tommy turns shiftier, giving Rebecca a USB to take control of Christopher's computer and proving he is worryingly good with a gun. "It's more fun when they move," he says.

JR, Martha and John Ross meet with the oil rig tycoons to discuss their deal. JR senses they might not be the most trustworthy candidates, so subtly warns them "The best way to understand a man is to talk to his friends, and enemies. My friends are in the statehouse, my enemies are gonna be harder to find."

Bobby and Ann receive some good news about the tumour removal. However, due to its size and location, the chance of recurrence is high, meaning additional treatment would be needed. But, given the success of his operation, Bobby decides he won't be selling Southfork, much to the dismay of John Ross when his scheming attorney, Lobell, reveals the news to him.

JR's doctor from the care home gives kind hearted Bobby a call, telling him that the best way for JR to recover would be if he returned to the family home in Southfork. Hmm, we smell a rat. Bobby is, unsurprisingly, less than keen on the idea. But Ann hurries off to make up the guest room, naively proclaiming that it may be fun having JR around. We think Bobby's response of: "Oh yeah, it will be great having a rattlesnake in the house", is closer to the truth.

It turns out, the 'doctor' that Bobby spoke to was actually just another resident of the care home, who the deadly duo - JR and John Ross - bribed to make the call. Taking his new role as a doting father seriously, JR promises his son: "I will get Southfork back, because you shouldn't have to pay for my sins." No, we think not as that would indeed be an expensive bill.

Cliff Barnes - an old enemy of the family - tries to persuade Bobby to sell Southfork, with JR assuring Cliff that it has already been sold and he's a 'new man', which is why he's taking it so well. Elena and Rebecca's lunch starts off with some honesty from the latter: "I want us to be friends, mostly because then you won't feel like a threat." They manage to resolve their issues and talk mainly of Christopher and his difficult childhood.

John Ross and his father put on a good show in from of Bobby and Ann, with John Ross saying he has Miss Ellie's diary and will reveal all her secrets if Southfork is not sold. JR slaps John Ross, pretending to be mortified at his lack of integrity. Christopher succeeds in the methane experiment but when he comes to tell his father he's already signed the papers. "I'm a grown man, I can handle a lot more than you think," he tells Bobby. This prompts bobby to tell Christopher about his cancer.

Elena provides a shoulder to cry on, but they end up kissing and unfortunately, Tommy is on hand to get some photographic evidence, which he obviously sends to his sister, hoping this will persuade her to install the programme. Lobell threatens John Ross, saying unless he gives him five million dollars he can have him sent to prison for fraud. Lobell should've learnt by now, threatening the Erwing family is not a smart idea.

Despite the fact Rebecca has seen the photos of Elena and Christopher, when he tells her about his father's condition he doesn't admit to his kiss with Elena. He tells Rebecca how much he loves her and she obviously feels the same as during their embrace, she tosses the USB Tommy gave her in the bin.

Ann tells Bobby she knows JR gave the journal to John Ross, after seeing JR snooping around with a load of old files. Bobby assures her he is well aware JR had something to do with it... Looks like he is not as trusting as we thought.

John Ross' detective digs for dirt on Lobell's son, hoping to find something they can use against him if he continues with his threats. However, the information detective Clyde Marshall has about Lobell is nothing compared to the bombshell he drops about who sent the infamous letter to Elena... It was Christophers doting new wife, Rebecca.

This latest revelation, we're sure, is not what anyone expected. Then again, one of the things Dallas' audience - old and new - love about it is its unpredictability. This episode has, once again, left us on the edge of our seats asking a number of questions: What is Rebecca and Tommy's plan? Will Rebecca go through with it or is her love for Christopher too strong? What will happen to Southfork? Will JR and John Ross get caught out as the liars that they are? Tune in next week to find out...

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