Rihanna Continues To Post Cryptic Messages 'For Chris Brown's Attention'?


Rihanna has taken her partying one step further yet again, taking to Twitter to post even more cryptic tweets and rumour has it, she's doing it to get ex boyfriend Chris Brown's attention.

The star has always been a bit of a tweet-aholic, however she's taken things to a whole new level the past few days, including hashtags in all of her tweets that begin with '#phuckyo'.

To most, it may just seem like another 'crazy Ri-Ri' tweet, but to all those who may be aware of Chris Brown's instagram - you'll realise that his name on the social networking site is 'f**kyophotos.' Hmmmm, coincidence much??

The 'Umbrella' star recently posted from her Mediterranean yacht: 'This boat is legit catching air on 8-10 foot waves right now! #phuckyoammusementpark'

Rihanna Continues To Post Cryptic Messages 'For Chris Brown's Attention'?

After earlier posting a photo, with the caption: '#phuckyobeachchair'

The star has since been on her 'Twitter game', posting regular partying updates, as well as continous references back to Gran Gran Dolly, who recently passed away and according to a source close to her family they are concerned that her hard partying is a sign she is struggling with grief.

"Rihanna was super close to her grandma," an insider told RadarOnline.

"Rihanna is using the partying as an escape so she doesn't have to deal with the loss of her grandma,"

"She just can't deal,” they claim.

Is Ri taking things a little too far??

Rihanna throws private jet party!


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